420 Energy Drink (Purple Dank Case - 20 Ct.)

420 Energy Drink (Purple Dank Case - 20 Ct.)
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  • Item #: 0000002
  • Manufacturer: 420 Hemp
This is the original collector's edition Purple Dank 420 Energy Drink made when we first hand-rolled our own labels. It's the original that launched the infamous 420 Energy Drink line. If you're tired of your energy drink leaving a bad taste in your mouth, try our Purple Dank that'll leave your taste buds satisfied and your body and mind energized. Now new and improved with guarana, yerba mate and delicious Omega 3, 6 and 9 enriched organic hemp seed oil. This original is certain to be worth its weight in kush by the time the new drinks arrive MLK day. This establishes a day of exuberance, a day of freedom, a day in the history of 420 Hemp.
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