420 Hat (Energy/Black) with Secret Stash

420 Hat (Energy/Black) with Secret Stash
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  • Item #: 0000016
  • Manufacturer: 420 Hemp
With style, elegance and practicality, this "Flex-Fit" hat comes fully embroidered with the custom logos all around in 360 degrees. As you wash it the hat becomes softer and stronger over time. The exterior is beautiful and attention grabbing, but the best part is the interior. On the inside front part of the hat there's actually a Velcro pocket that's perfect for holding cash, cards, or any small item without you or anybody else noticing. Make note this is a Flex fit hat and comes in two sizes and there is no Velcro in the rear. It is the style that goes all the way across the back with the infamous "J. Herer Yin-Yang ONE" logo.
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Price $19.95