420 T-Shirt (Men's Hemp/Black/Embroider)

420 T-Shirt (Men's Hemp/Black/Embroider)
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  • Item #: 0000021
  • Manufacturer: 420 Hemp
Class, chic and comfort all in one T-Shirt. This 420 Hemp Energy Drink shirt is full cut, and made with 55% organic hemp and 45% certified organic cotton. It comes with a tight knit classic crew collar that isn't floppy or baggy like typical thin, stretchy collars. This custom design allows the shirt to form flawlessly to your personal shape. This black shirt comes embroidered with the custom 420 Hemp crest on the left chest, (2) 420 embroidered patches on the arms stating "Anytime, Anywhere", and huge silk screen 420 Hemp Energy Drinks design on the back. This beautifully durable shirt will last a lifetime and actually gets softer every time you wash it. It's the perfect gift for any person with a relaxed, classy, urban style. Sizes M-L-XL-XXL
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